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Hema Naeck

Practice Manager

Hema started her career in the financial services sector in 2000 at MOBAA (the former regulatory body for the financial services sector). In 2001 with the restructuring of MOBAA into FSC and FSPA, she joined FSPA which was the governmental promotional agency for the sector. Consequently she joined the BOI after the merger of the FSPA with the BOI. Hema eventually joined BLC in 2008 as Practice Manager.

Hema is responsible for the Administration department; developing processes to improve and enhance efficiency; implementing work flow processes to create proficiency and provide effective support for the smooth running of Operations.

As part of her responsibility she also oversees the HR department; responsible for preserving the employer-employee relationship in the company; works towards providing employees a safe working environment and works with the partners in managing the company’s performance management system amongst other HR functions.

Hema holds a BA in Business Management from the University of Newcastle as well as an MBA from the same institution. She has excellent communication, interpersonal and organisational skills.