Communique of BLC Robert & Associates

Fazil Hossenkhan Leaves the Firm

After more than 10 years at BLC Robert, Fazil Hossenkhan, partner in the Funds and Financial Services Group, has decided to leave the partnership to start a new venture on his own. His last working day with BLC Robert will be Friday 29th December 2017.

Fazil has headed the Funds and Financial Services Group over the last 3 years, providing a dynamic leadership which made the Group the most innovative and responsive set of legal advisers for the global investment funds and financial services in Mauritius. BLC Robert is thankful to Fazil for his significant contribution in shaping up the Firm, and wishes him success in his new venture.

With Fazil leaving, Iqbal Rajahbalee, the Managing Partner, will step in to head the Funds and Financial Services Practice with the support of the existing lawyers in the team: Rajiv Gujadhur as Senior Associate, and Bhavna Ramsurun, Associate working with the legal executives.

The Firm has worked out a smooth transition bearing in mind the overriding interest of Clients who have entrusted us with their files. We are confident that no open file will suffer any delay, lack of attention, or follow up action. Measures have been taken for a proper handover which has been enormously eased up by the internal process. No discontinuity is expected in the service of the Firm to Clients.

For any clarification or any query, please contact Iqbal, Rajiv or Bhavna at the email addresses below:

Iqbal Rajahbalee:
Rajiv Gujadhur:
Bhavna Ramsurun: